The power of pink satin

When you say the word ‘sissy’ to me, the vision in my mind is of the archetypal pink satin sissy, simpering in flouncy glass-silk petticoats, pale stockings with tops on show, locked-on heels, little tent in her pink satin panties. I love this image and this reality. ‘Pink satin sissy’ is a fetish for me. It pushes my Dominant buttons in ways I can’t explain. And I can’t get enough of it.

sissy amanda, dressed to please me, serving in my home

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One thought on “The power of pink satin

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  1. Mistress Virago,

    Symbolism is key to the sissy identity. Many stereotypically “sissy” looks have been adopted because they communicate specific things:

    1) Emasculation
    2) Deference / subservience
    3) Vulnerability

    These ‘sissy virtues’ are all about controlling the sissy’s ego as thoroughly as possible, allowing the sissy to be more thoroughly an extension of the Dominant’s will. Short pink satin dresses, locked heels, etc. scream: “there is zero male ego here” very loudly. As sissies grow, they learn to work very hard for the privilege of being so well “de-egoed.”

    Women who want to see that, continually expand it, and exploit it for the benefit of all are a very rare treat.



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