Chastity vs chastity device

I believe in the power of sissy chastity. As a Domme, owning and controlling my sissy’s clitty is a satisfying state and an arousing pastime. I like the symbolism of a chastity device. I like rattling my fingernails against the hard shell of the cage while sissy’s clitty tries to get hard inside. I like how a device physically bends a sissy clit to my will. I like grabbing the device and watching the look on my sissy’s face as no pleasure comes from that squeeze of my hand. 

But chastity is not decided by a device. It’s a mindset.

@sissyamanda and @mistressvirago – sissy chastity

I demand self-control chastity

Your submission doesn’t stop when your Mistress leaves the room. Locked or unlocked. If I’d forbidden you from cumming, you wouldn’t dare get off simply because my back is turned. By that same logic, you shouldn’t dare cum if I’m 1 mile away or 100 miles away. If I say ‘You don’t cum until I say so’, I expect you to obey. It shouldn’t take an inanimate object to make you submit.

Desires without devices

Self-control chastity was the first type of chastity I experienced. @tinyjessieslut was in a vanilla relationship and simply couldn’t wear a chastity device without being found out. But she was determined to stay chaste when I demanded it. She learned to do this. And I learned to trust her when she told me she wasn’t cumming. When I met @sissyamanda, self-control chastity became a part of our dynamic. She proved 100% trustworthy in staying chaste, which thrilled me. 

As I explored this type of sissy chastity, the advantages became very clear. 

  • It’s instantly available – no waiting for a device
  • It’s free – if chastity isn’t for you, you’re not out of pocket
  • It’s safe for the body – no chafing, bruising or allergic reactions
  • It’s suitable for long-term use – very few chastity devices seem to be
  • It’s invisible – ideal for vanilla homelife, gym and travel
  • No danger of lost or snapped keys – or trips to casualty
  • The Domme can order spontaneous stroking sessions, no unlocking required
  • Sissy can’t hide how horny she is – no device to spare your blushes
  • Sissy still has to sit to pee – that’s what phone vids are for
  • It’s convenient for the Domme – no need to schedule unlocking sessions or to cope with emergency unlocks

Power and pride

As a sissy, you’ll have immense pride in yourself that you can stay chaste for your Domme without the need for a device. Her words alone are your lock and key. As a Domme, you get a special sort of kick off experiencing such devotion and willpower from your sissy. No Domme wants to feel less powerful than a few inches of plastic, steel or silicon. Therefore, sissies who insist that their chastity is dependent on a device, rather than their Domme’s orders, need to crawl away and reflect for a while.

Kicks from keyless chastity 

I wear a necklace with three keys on it to symbolise the hold I have over my sissies’ orgasms. I get a kick off this each time I wear it. I treasure the energy and submissive willpower each of my sissies shows me in not wearing a device, yet not cumming without my permission. I know that this isn’t always easy. And I like to make it immensely difficult at times. Tease and denial turns me on. I want to mindfuck my sissy until she’s hard, wet, aching and edging…but still not cumming. Reducing her to that sissy state always makes me cum harder. I love the agony and humiliation of it. And somehow, the emasculating erotic burn of demanding my sissy suffers without a device gives self-control chastity an arousing edge for me.

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  1. Mistress Virago,

    Thank you for the lovely sentiments. Sissies certainly do better (obedient, deferential, and feminine) when kept chaste, and you make really great points about control vs. device. Those who say “lock it on and forget it” are revealing that they have no experience with long-term caging; often these are self-absorbed fantasists.

    One woman I read a while back said that she saw chastity as a privilege, not a punishment. This became somewhat of a mindfuck for me as I started to think about being locked in a cage as a coveted reward to be earned, a status symbol with real power over my mind and behavior… I would work very hard to earn time in the cage. What happens to a sissy’s mind when a “male orgasm” becomes a severe punishment for extreme disappointment?

    It’s lovely when a Domme reminds a sissy of her control of his sexual life and its usefulness as a tool of her power, particularly when she contrasts her own freedom and enjoyment. I may be biased, but I think the sissy gets by FAR the better end of that sexual bargain.

    Wishing a wonderful day to you and yours.



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