No bull

Last week, I had a message from a sissy, asking if they could be Dommed by me then “have your bull fuck both of us.” 

The implication in this message is… a female Dominant needs a bull, I’m supposed to lower myself to sissy’s level – being banged by the bull as my ultimate pleasure…and in this scene, the bull is the ultimate Dominant.

Well, that’s never going to happen.

In my realm, I am the ultimate power. 

I am king and queen.

I do not need or want a bull. I am absolutely fulfilled in my Dominance by my interactions with my sissy.

I’m not saying I wouldn’t bring in a real cock for my sissy to suck, but there will be no bull.

What’s the difference?

I realise there is a lot of crossover for some sissies between FemDom and the hotwife/cuckold dynamic, which is where a bull comes in…to personify masculinity that the sissy doesn’t have. 

But I have plenty of masculine energy and sexuality about me. I don’t need someone to bring that to my scenes. Also, in the classic cuckold dynamic, the bull is topping…he’s the one doing the penetrating. And generally, you see the hotwife surrendering to his ‘charms/assault’. This is anathema for me. 

Firstly, it follows the same old tired M/f dynamic. Something I’m sick of seeing, in porn and in real life.

Secondly, and more importantly, I’m a Dominant. I do the penetrating in sexual encounters. And those encounters are always strictly in dynamic. 

I fuck to reinforce my status and my sissy’s status. 

I fuck to remind my sissy how good it feels to be on the receiving end.

I fuck to cum. 

Because I can cum from fucking with a strapon.

In fact, can cum countless times whilst fucking you, and fuck on through as my arousal stays high. That’s the power of female anatomy – there’s no such thing as cumming too soon.

My cock will always be hard – no viagra needed. Ever.

My cock will always be big enough…or small enough if you’re a beginner. And if I decide you can take a bigger cock mid-session, no worries. I always have a cock to fill the hole.

This is why I can outman the bull. 

This is why FemDom fucking is so powerful.

One thought on “No bull

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  1. Dear Mistress Virago,

    Another post, another stupid assumption slain. Thank you for the extreme thoughtfulness that makes your blog such a joy to come back to. I feel like I learn something important with every visit, and that makes me a better sissy. Unfortunately, not all Dommes will have your un-apologetically masculine view of sex with a sissy, but you provide a wonderful example of what is possible. That makes me — and hopefully others — squirm in the best possible way.



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