Sissies speak – Responses to ‘A woman to call Daddy’

I’ve had some very thoughtful responses from sissies about FemDoms taking male titles. I wanted to share them as everyone’s views on this topic are highly personal, and when those feelings relate to kink, it gets interesting.

On FetLife, the short responses I got were mostly, ‘Yes, it’s hot’. Comments included ‘It makes me feel more feminine’, ‘There’s something very hot about reversing pronouns’, ‘Calling you Daddy or Sir really tingles’ (thank you, jessie).

I also got wonderful, long comments, which explored more of the nuances. I sought permission from the writers to publish them here. (Consent is always important.) Thank you to everyone who commented.

Response from sissy delphie – my owned sissy

Hello Mistress,

Your sissy read Your interesting blog entry talking about Dominant titles using male titles for AFAB Dominants and she had a few thoughts that she wanted to express to You.

Personally delphie loves calling You “Mistress” because it does make You sound powerful and sexy. delphie wouldn’t want to ever call You “daddy” or “mummy” as the connotations are too familial. Personally delphie thinks it can sometimes be a bit cringe worthy when subs use the term “daddy”, but it all depends on the people using the terms. delphie understands why some subs would like to use these terms, but they’re not for this sub. Your sissy would be happy to call You “Master” though, if You liked it.
But, actually, who is this sissy trying to kid, she would call You whatever You wanted her to call You!

Your sissy agrees with You about the term “Princess” and how that can be a slightly belittling “cute” term, but delphie disagrees with You about the term “King” being one of the most powerful titles. A Queen is just as powerful and is on level pegging (ahem) in delphie’s eyes (just think about the Queen in chess, the most powerful piece).

It is interesting how people are flexing and mixing up these different terms these days, though.

A God invokes power, but a Goddess invokes beauty and power.

These are just some of delphie’s thoughts on this, Mistress.


Response from sissy leela


Dear Mistress Virago,

Regarding the topic of “power struggles” and the perception of male titles versus their “equivalent” female titles; particularly king and Queen.

In Nubian society (c. 2000 BCE), which at times rivalled what we refer to as Ancient Egypt in North Africa, Queens frequently ruled the Empire and women exercised significant control over society.

In times of war also, Nubian Warrior Queens fought for the interest of the Nubian Empire. In fact, museum artefacts and exhibitions depict Nubian Queens smiting their enemies – both male and female.

In terms of their beliefs, many Nubians worshipped the Queen of all Goddesses, Isis.

When i consider the title Queen (versus that of king), i would personally therefore look to and propagate the perspective of Nubian society and other such examples, rather than their patriarchal opposites.

Alas, and as You observed, we do live in a society that still believes a king to be more powerful and worthy than a Queen. i am but one person – and admittedly a sissy – but i regard a Queen to be vastly more powerful and worthy than the inferior title of king.

In recent years, several movements have sought to reflect on history in order to re-examine its decency or lack thereof. We could all likewise learn much from the Nubians and reflect on their perception of females in society.

It is appropriate for me to conclude these comments to You with a curtsey and by kneeling before You with my head bowed



Response from NT on Fetlife

Personally, I don’t even like the title “daddy” for men – for me, it’s way too close for comfort to incest play and just does not work for me at all, it stirs up all kind of wrong feelings. (But then, I’m not into men at all, so… shrugs). Additionally, the word “daddy” for a dominant man has in my perception become quite ubiquitious, not to say… kind of boring. It’s like every man thinks that it’s THE word for “dominant” now.

Especially in that light, I can’t see any good reason why women should call themselves like apparently every dominant man does already. Why jump the male-driven bandwagon? To me, it would only add to the confusion why men seem to think they all must call themselves “daddy”, but women?

Saying that they take power from the patriarchy… feels odd to me. They give up their female titles to adopt titles created by men and obviously male-ish to take power from men? Makes no sense to me.

(All of this is just my personal opinion)

Response from funnydoggy on Fetlife

DDLG is pretty big turn off for me and thus calling a Mistress a Daddy sounds totally weird to me. I would not like to do it for sure. Though, I find calling a Mistress a Master rather exciting. Just not a daddy.. Sir could go great too, but noooo daddy calling. I hardly get it why so
many women are into this .. but that is different topic.

you also mentioned Princess and sissy names.. I was called a Princess(specifically Prinsesje by one dutch woman and I enjoyed it a lot – definitely a great emasculation. Titling a Mistress a Queen seems more appropriate to me, but I have heard some cuckoldresses wanted to be called Princess and I would not mind..

sissy – I think this one, coming from vanilla world, where people call weak men, pussies and sissies, is for me, in kink world, very arousing. I think I even used names like sissyboy and pervertedsissy few years ago on collarspace/collarme. Definitely a big turn on – I still remember how you say it to one of your sissies in your video 😉

And not forgetting…

There are also a couple of wonderful comments made on the original blog which are well worth reading. You can find them here – just scroll to the end.

2 thoughts on “Sissies speak – Responses to ‘A woman to call Daddy’

Add yours

  1. Mistress Virago,

    I totally understand the issues some people have with the term “Daddy” getting too close to incest and minors. It is VERY important to draw the distinction between how the word is used in a BDSM / Leather community context and in general parlance. This shouldn’t be a stretch, since “cock” means rooster (or doesn’t), I see cigarette butts on the sidewalk, and “Mistress” is clearly NOT a “woman kept on the side” in a BDSM context. By all means, have zero tolerance for ANY sexual involvement of minors. (Personally, age play is a no-go for me.) But also realize that some terms have histories and meanings that are not the same as in general “vanilla” public.



    1. That distinction is very important. I first came across the term ‘Daddy’ in the gay community decades ago. ‘Leather Daddies’ seemed to have a high profile and a distinctive dynamic at that point. This image of a Daddy is the one that’s stuck with me. So for me, ‘Daddy’ just conjures thoughts of boot-wearing, leather-clad Dom men who like subby men. Personally, I’m not into any sort of age play. But I wouldn’t kink-shame anyone for it.


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