Sissygasms for sissy amanda

If sissy amanda has been a good girl, I generally grant her privileges on the weekend. This means she might get permission to play with her clitty, or her pussy, and to use toys. This is the erotic report I got from a recent weekend session. This is a snapshot of what sissy sexual pleasure can be…and how to tell your Domme about it in an arousing way.

I have been enjoying my permissions, Mistress. Thank you. curtsey Yesterday morning when I woke at around 6am I slipped my small aneros into my pussy and then lay on my side in the darkness half-dozing for about an hour, feeling it gently move inside me, waking up my g-spot. After that first hour, I moved onto my back and started to gently squeeze my pussy around the toy and within a few minutes I had my first pussy orgasm. I didn’t stop cumming for an hour and a half and I honestly could not say if it was one long orgasm with lots of peaks, or about 20 separate ones. But it felt amazing. I removed it to get up and shower but as I stepped into the shower I couldn’t resist slipping it back into my still-lubed pussy, and then once I’d washed and dried I went back to bed and lay on my back again and the aneros slowly coaxed my pussy back into aching, orgasmic bliss.

It wouldn’t stop and the pleasure was almost too much to bear, so from time to time I rolled onto my side, or brought my knees up to gain some respite. But each time I did that I could imagine you lying next to me, watching and smiling, and then telling me to get back into position as I whimpered with obedience and laid on my back again, legs outstretched and started to cum again almost immediately.

Sometimes my clitty was hard and aching, trying to steal the pleasure, and other times, completely soft yet still leaking as my pussy gripped and squeezed around the aneros. And touching my stiff little nipples further intensified the sensations. It was mindblowing and from time to time I heard myself whimpering “please, no more” but then the aneros would just press more firmly into my g-spot as if to deny me that request and my pussy would cum again.

I always thought that anal/pussy conditioning meant being able to take toys more comfortably but this conditioning really has rerouted those neural pleasure pathways. In the afternoon I played with my njoy wand for perhaps another 45 minutes and that also felt wonderful.

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  1. Mistress Virago,

    This is such a nice description of a sissy enjoying “layered” rewards.

    One layer is the physical pleasure of a conditioned and stimulated sissy g-spot and the rolling, unending waves of feminine orgasm. Sissy amanda gets to feel a series of sensations that no man can even imagine.

    Another layer is the fact that the sissy has expended so much effort to convert her sexuality from “masculine” to “sissy.” This takes high levels of dedication, self-discipline, and obedience over a long period. This level of dedication to such extreme sexual emasculation is itself emasculating. Sissies find this thought calming and warming, totally worth attaining if at all possible.

    Finally, having this sissy-only form of pleasure held in the power of a Superior as a tool for mental training and conditioning must make the pleasure so much more enjoyable. To know that one has worked so hard to re-wire her brain to be such an instrument of control must make the physical pleasure even more intense.

    This is such an amazing description of sissy pleasure, sissy conditioning, and sissy emotional dependence. So, so hot. Thank you so much for sharing! It’s incredibly motivating for those of us who are working hard to be in amanda’s position.




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