sissy delphie in session with her Mistress

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered sissy delphie to come and serve me for the day. I had a lot of fun using and humiliating her. As the finale of that session, I ordered her to write about the experience for me. I value reports like this as I learn a lot and it can help me plan the next session. It’s also a unique perspective from a sissy’s perspective within a lifestyle D/s session. So, here are sissy delphie’s words on what it’s like to submit to me in real life. (“Subheads” by me.)

“Come locked”

The date was set for delphie to go and serve her Mistress. In the lead up to the session Mistress did what she is best at, namely tease and denial. On some days Mistress ordered her sissy to lock up her clitty and other days she would allow brief windows where sissy was allowed to stroke her clitty. A few days before the session, Mistress sent a photo of Herself looking ravishing, to remind Her owned property who would be Domming her. This sent Her poor sissy’s horniness into overdrive.

In a moment of hopeful pleading, sissy mentioned how she loved a pair of thigh high boots Mistress had worn in some previous photos that sissy had seen, and how she would love to worship Her legs in those boots. In the last session when delphie served Mistress at her home, Mistress wore Her usual knee high Domme boots with some PVC trousers. In that session sissy kissed her boots all over, but was not allowed to kiss anywhere on Her legs as delphie’s lipstick would have made a mess of Mistress’s trousers. Mistress acknowledged this request and said that she “might” indulge her sissy with this for the session.

“A little public humiliation”

The day of the session came along and delphie arrived with her clitty locked, as ordered. Mistress greeted Her sissy at the front door, looking subtly Domme in black from head to toe. When sissy got through the front door she was straight away ordered to get down on her knees and kiss her Mistress’s feet, which she gladly did, and she peppered her Owner’s feet with thankful kisses. The first thing Mistress wanted to do was to go to a pharmacy to buy Her sissy some new foundation. So Mistress and her slave both walked to the pharmacy and chose the most suitable foundation for delphie’s skin. Mistress chose a few more items as well. The transaction at the checkout was filled with subtle humiliation for sissy, as the male checkout operator witnessed delphie being ordered to pack the items in a bag for Mistress and being called by her sissy name by Mistress. Head slightly bowed and walking behind her Mistress, delphie wondered if the awkward transaction went unnoticed by the male check out clerk, but what she definitely did know is that this kind of public humiliation hits the right buttons in her Mistress.

“Domestic chores for sissy whores”

When we returned back to Mistress’s house, Mistress dressed up Her sissy in her maid outfit and did her make-up. sissy then got to work on cleaning Mistress’s kitchen floor. Once sissy had fulfilled her maid duties and Mistress was happy with the work, she was invited to sit tight in the session room whilst Mistress got changed into Her proper Domme session wear. When Mistress reappeared wearing a red corset, shiny black PVC lace up sleeves, a red strap on, black fishnets and Her thigh high black leather boots delphie, felt her whole body turn into a quivering dollop of submission. Mistress then sat on the bench, which Her sissy was momentarily going to be strapped to, looked down at Her kneeling sissy with a wicked grin and began slowly going through what she was going to do with Her sissy. 

“These boots were made for…”

Mistress asked whether Her sissy would like to beg to kiss Her boots, knowing full well that Her sissy had been fantasizing over worshipping Her legs whilst wearing these boots for months. In a timid voice sissy begged to kiss her Mistress’s boots and with a satisfied smile Mistress outstretched Her right leg for Her sissy. delphie shuffled forward on her knees and bent down to kiss the toes on Mistress’s boots. sissy kissed all around the boots on each foot and worked her way up each boot, all the while momentarily stopping to tuck her long blonde sissy locks out from her face. Mistress then stood up and turned around and ordered Her sissy to kiss the back of Her boots, to make sure there was no area left unkissed on Her boots. delphie went up and down kissing and stroking the glorious boots. Mistress turned around and sat down and asked “what’s going on with that clitty of yours?” One of Her feet ventured forward and nudged delphie’s clitty which was very hard under her satin sissy panties. delphie pulled her panties down and the sight pleased Mistress. “Oh yes,” She said. “Good. Continue.”

delphie shuffled forward once again, but this time she concentrated on one leg at a time because she wrapped her whole body around one leg, smothering it with kisses and loving caresses and pressed her hard clitty into Mistress’s boot. “Mmmm, yes. I can feel how horny you are, slut.” Mistress laughed. Every fibre of delphie’s being was wrapped around her Mistress’s leg in that moment, totally devoted to showing her gratitude and love for being given the privilege of being in Her service. delphie then moved onto the other leg and gave it the same love and devotion and did not want to stop. “Mmmm, I could watch this all day.” Mistress said in delight. But Mistress thought it was time to gift her sissy some pain.

“Framed for pain and fizzy panties”

So, Mistress ordered her little pantywaist onto the frame and strapped her down. Mistress then started off slow, warming up Her sissy’s buttocks with hand slaps and then worked Her way through Her wide variety of whips and pain toys. At times, with the heavier, more “thuddy” whips delphie could feel her hard clitty rub against the bench in a satisfying manner, but then when Mistress brought out the stinging, harsh whips delphie concentrated on getting ready to receive the pain and to process each strong blow. All the while Mistress talked to Her sissy, asking Her questions to get responses out of her, partly to make sure she was doing okay, but also to tease and taunt her. The overwhelming sensations and thoughts going through delphie’s mind made her clitty go soft again at times. 

When Mistress leaned down to check the condition of Her sissy’s clitty and felt it going soft She would grab Her vibrating toy and the soothing pleasurable sensation would bring the clitty back to life again. At one point Mistress left the vibrating toy in delphie’s panties and carried on whipping her buttocks. This was a powerful mix of sensations and delphie thought that she could get close to cumming if Mistress carried on with that combination. But Mistress did not keep that going for too long. It was time for the trophies to be administered. One of Mistress’s harshest toys was brought out and the lashes with that were slowly built up until there were a few good cracks with that over each buttock.

“Close but no cig..aaah”

delphie was released from the bench and found herself at the feet of her Mistress once again. Mistress put the timer on Her phone and put a countdown of a minute for her sissy to reach an edge by stroking her clitty. Humiliatingly, delphie could not reach an edge as her body and mind felt overwhelmed with too many thoughts and emotions. This amused Mistress and pleased Her, as it stretched out the torment for Her slave.

“You’ll have to think of a way to come that will please me.” She said with that wicked grin returning across Her face.

When delphie left to go home she felt beaten, but conversely elated, as she loved and appreciated every minute of being in service to Her wonderfully skilled and supreme Mistress.


“A release at last”

Sissy delphie did think of a way to cum. This is our WhatsApp exchange.

FemDom Mistress and sissy WhatsApp conversation 1
FemDom Mistress and sissy WhatsApp conversation 2

And yes, the vids were very sexy and gratifying!

Do you have a kink for boot worship? Leave a comment and let me know.

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