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“I’m now the person I’d ached to be all those years. My heart is bursting. I can hardly breathe. Mistress stepped up behind me to meet my eyes in the mirror. The devil on my shoulder, a radiance of black sparks like blown embers; dancing desire.

I succumb, giving into the arousal flooding my whole body. ‘Take me,’ I begged silently.”

The story

Kinky, confident, gender fluid and sexually subversive, Castra is a lifestyle dominant on the hunt for her next D/s liaison – someone she can coax into her dark playground of submission, discipline, pain play, chastity and sissification.

After countless hours spent reading FemDom erotica and poring over photos of boys transformed into beautiful girls, Justin Layner-Falk engineers a career move from the US to London, leaving his girlfriend behind so that he can pursue his dreams of serving a dominant woman. 

After stumbling into Castra’s world, Justin is suddenly living the D/s dynamic in real life. Order by order, scene by scene, Justin is transformed into jocelyn, a gorgeous, achingly aroused sissy, locked in chastity, serving at “Mistress Vexatia’s” pleasure, and obeying every twisted, erotic, humiliating order.

But can Justin truly break away and live his deepest D/s fantasies? Or will vanilla expectations and his guilty secret – the girlfriend in the US – drag him back to normal life?


Set in London, The Element of Shame lifts the velvet curtain on real-life Dominant/submissive relationships. The interactions, the language and the protocols – it’s all here, laid bare. Come and see. In this world, voyeurs are welcome.


This 400-page novel features explicit themes of female domination, feminisation, sissification, submission, erotic humiliation, bondage, discipline and so much more.

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    1. Thank you for the lovely comment.
      I was hoping to publish book 2 this year – but it’s looking more likely to be 2023 now. (Too much work and not enough kinky writing time.)


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