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I’m making gorgeous satin clitty pouches. If you love the whole Prissy sissy look, these are a must-have.

Take a look at my Etsy Store @MVirago

UPDATE: 3/3/22 – 4 pouches sold in 24 hours. 1 left. I’ll be making more very soon.

Designs change all the time. I only make one or two clitty pouches at a time. Some come with matching stroking sleeves. And I like to experiment with different colours and finishes.
If you love a particular clitty pouch, buy it quickly as I may not make that exact combination again.

Pouches and sleeves are created from my Dominant fantasies of what I want a clitty pouch to look and feel like.

Deluxe double-layered satin for that delicious slip-slide on your clitty, rubbing you with every move.

Classic sissy colours of pale pink, baby blue, lush lilac and deep fuchsia.

Adorned with pretty bows, wide frills and frothy lace.

Which one is your favourite? Come and browse the collection.

Whatever you call it – clitty, penis, sissy clit, clit cock, button mushroom – cover it in satin

Yes, I’ve been inspired by sissy styling, but if you want to wear silky satin against the most intimate parts of your body, you don’t have to identify as a sissy.

Penis sleeve or clitty sleeve. Clitty pouch or penis pouch – I don’t care what you call it, I’d be delighted if you dress it in my silky, satin designs.

It’s made to hug a limp clitty snugly. For those sissies who have to wear boring boywear to work every day, a sissy pouch is a sexy item to pop underneath your trousers. It’s invisible. Only you know it’s there.

How it works with a chastity device

If you wear a classic ring and cage style of chastity device, my satin covers slip over the top in seconds, sitting under your balls and entirely encasing your cage. There is soft elastic that has plenty of comfy stretch to it.

Wear it instead of a chastity device

Not every sissy can wear a classic cage. But many still want a marker of their chaste status. A satin clitty pouch covers the same area, it’s easy to wear, doesn’t create a tell-tale bulge and it’s easy to hide. (But I have to warn you, the sensual rub of that satin against your clitty might just test your self control!)

Making your clitty pretty for photos or for your Dominant

Do you like exposing your sissy status on Instagram? Well, clitty pics are banned, but pouch pics aren’t. So, if you want to lift your petticoats and show the world what a sissy you really are, you can do it in a very attractive and appropriate way by wearing a pouch.

Maybe your Dominant demands photos to show that you’re as sissified as possible. Or doesn’t actually want to see anything that looks like a cock. Popping on a pouch instantly transforms your unfortunate appendages into a colourful, emasculated delight.

Savouring a satin fetish with double-layered satin bliss

Love the stroke of soft panties on your clitty? Well, go one better and wrap your sissy bits in the sensual embrace of luxe double-layered satin. Ideal worn under panties, why not let that satin tease you all day long until you’re wet and aching? For a bit of CBT, you can choose to tie the ribbon really tight. And when you’re on the edge of losing control from all that satin bondage, more denial or a sissy cummie awaits. Of course, you can squirt into your pouch and hand-wash it. Or look for the pouches that come with a matching satin stroking sleeve. You slide this on instead so you can ruin an orgasm without ruining any of the silky fabric.

This is how erotic sissy amanda finds my satin ‘prison’.

Treat yourself to the same experience

Hand-made, boutique quality and designed by a real-life Mistress

I have a kink for satin and sissification, so I set out to create clitty pouches that look fabulous and feel like a quality item. I hand-pick all of my satins, laces, bows and accessories to create my signature style. I sew two layers of satin into every item I make to provide that luxurious slippery sensation. (The cheap ones on Amazon don’t do this. They are single layer and feel flimsy. I know because I ordered some. Mine are very different.)

I love creating charming colour combinations – pink outside, blue inside – and adding little extras like bows and frills. I also have more devious sissy designs planned soon, such as adding jingle bells. I only make one or two pouches at a time. Buy soon to avoid missing out.

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