Dominant and sissy owner… because I like it

Humiliating cummie for sissy delphie

I usually set tasks and permissions on WhatsApp, where only me and my sissy can see them. But today, my D/s side is feeling devilish, so I’m publishing @sissy_delphie’s instructions for a sissy release here instead…where everyone can see them…which should make her blush, as lots of people will know exactly what she’s done in… Continue Reading →

sissy cummie for sissy amanda

Very occasionally I permit my sissy a release. When I’m not present for it, I expect a full report so I can savour it and get my kicks off it. This is the latest one from sissy amanda…and this gives me Dominant thrills for so many reasons. Thank you for giving me permission to cum,… Continue Reading →

Should BDSM be a protected characteristic?

Kinksters/BDSMers aren’t a protected group. This is keeping us in the closet and leaving us open to attack. Find out why we deserve the same protections as gay and trans people and what we lose by not having rights and recognition.

Satin clitty pouches made by Mistress

Satin. For me it’s the essence of sissification. So, I’ve finally started making satin clitty pouches. Created from my Dominant fantasies, they are now on sale in my Etsy shop. Deluxe double-layered satin in pale pink, baby blue, lush lilac and deep fuchsia. Adorned with pretty bows, wide frills and pretty lace.

5 pairs of must-have sissy panties

I get a lot of messages from sissies asking me what type of panties I favour. Panties really do serve a variety of purposes. They can be a source of pleasure, arousal, frustration, punishment, shame and humiliation. So, here are 5 types of panties that I like to see on my sissies.

Fucking sissy’s tightest hole

Think a sissy only has two holes to use? Not if you’re my sissy. My sissies have three holes that I can penetrate and own. In this blog, I’m going to talk about fucking a sissy’s smallest, tightest hole.

sissy delphie in session with her Mistress

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered sissy delphie to come and serve me. As the finale of that session, I ordered her to write about it. This is a unique perspective from a sissy’s perspective within a lifestyle D/s session. Read sissy delphie’s words on what it’s like to submit to me in real life.

The Element of Shame – yours to own

My D/s novel – The Element of Shame by M Virago – is available to buy on Amazon. It’s a wicked riot of female domination, feminisation, sissification, erotic humiliation, domestic discipline, bondage, pain play and more. 


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