Dominant and sissy owner… because I like it

A true sissygasm – orgasm without ejaculation

There are a lot of secrets about sexual pleasure. One of the greatest for sissies is that you can learn to orgasm without your clitty ejaculating. And once you achieve this, the orgasms you can experience are mindblowing. Why I find sissygasms deeply erotic For me as a Dominant, sissygasms are the pinnacle of sissy… Continue Reading →

Looks unimportant

Why serving me comes before showing me your face A lot of sissies don’t have face pics online, even when they are serious about seeking a Dominant to serve. Does this mean they fall at the first hurdle when trying to attract a Domme? Not in my case. When I’m conversing with a sissy who… Continue Reading →

‘Sissy seeking Mistress’ Write the ultimate ad

Fetlife is my favourite place online. I follow all sorts of groups. Some for education. Some for entertainment. Some for kinky, ‘let’s-get-wet’ thrills. It’s not often that something stops me in my tracks, and even rarer when it’s a ‘sub seeks Dominant’ ad. But one ad stopped me and made me read every word. And… Continue Reading →

Defending the sissy identity

You have every right to identity as a sissy. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Lately, I’ve noticed quite a bit of backlash from parts of the trans community against those identifying as sissies, against the idea of ‘sissy’ as a gender identity and against the word ‘sissy’ itself. As a non-binary trans person, I… Continue Reading →

The sissy ‘shame-crave’ by sissy jessie

Ah the wonderful life of a secret sissy. Continually beset by thoughts of kink and all the peals of seductive pain/pleasure it brings – but having/wanting to maintain a vanilla façade. It’s a tough life, though one I suitably adore at the moment. Since splitting up with my first wife and talking to Mistress very… Continue Reading →

“Beg for it”

Sissy privileges, such as clitty stroking and pussy toys, need to be earned. As an owned sissy, you don’t just indulge whenever you feel like it. Your Mistress decides when you deserve to pleasure yourself, and what form that should take. This is a typical exchange between me and @sissyamanda. I usually permit her privileges… Continue Reading →

Cam session with sissy amanda

I’d been missing my contact with my devoted sissy amanda. (Usually, she’s a regular visitor in my house, serving every few weeks.) So, I messaged her and told her to be ready for a cam session at 2pm. My orders: Dress to please me – stockings, bra, panties, pretty dress and heels. Collect the following… Continue Reading →

Why am I a Domme and what do I love about it?

Two questions from my sissy, dephie, inspired this article. Two deceptively simple questions, asked on a long Fetlife message, where delphie had been thinking about psychology and life. This is what she said. “Going back to psychology though, delphie wondered why it is that You love being a Domme. delphie read Your fantastic post on… Continue Reading →


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