Dominant and sissy owner… because I like it

Fucking sissy’s tightest hole

Think a sissy only has two holes to use? Not if you’re my sissy. My sissies have three holes that I can penetrate and own. In this blog, I’m going to talk about fucking a sissy’s smallest, tightest hole.

sissy delphie in session with her Mistress

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered sissy delphie to come and serve me. As the finale of that session, I ordered her to write about it. This is a unique perspective from a sissy’s perspective within a lifestyle D/s session. Read sissy delphie’s words on what it’s like to submit to me in real life.

The Element of Shame – yours to own

My D/s novel – The Element of Shame by M Virago – is available to buy on Amazon. It’s a wicked riot of female domination, feminisation, sissification, erotic humiliation, domestic discipline, bondage, pain play and more. 

‘Hey sissy’ – erotic name-calling

I love verbal humiliation. It’s like gifting pain. When you have a sissy who craves a tongue lashing, it’s a powerful play within the D/s dynamic. Ripping someone to shreds verbally can be a deeply erotic experience, both as the ‘bully’ and the ‘victim’. I use those quotes deliberately. Every harsh word I hit someone… Continue Reading →

Things I’ve learnt – and not being ‘a man’ by sissy jessie

Sissy jessie opens up about her D/s relationship with Mistress Virago. “It got me thinking about the elements she’s brought into my ‘in real life’ persona. As she says – sissification isn’t just about sashaying into a pretty dress – it’s a lot about learning, and translating what she teaches and reinforces in me.”

Slowgasm/Nogasm – a sissy’s tale

Today, I’m revisiting the ‘slowgasm/nogasm’ style of sissy release that I wrote about recently. After I put that article out, I was lucky enough to have a sissy from Fetlife comment on my post. I’m keeping their identity a secret at their request. So, for this, I’m calling them ‘sissy april’. Sissy april generously offered… Continue Reading →

An unsafe place for sissies

We all know certain regions of the world face challenging circumstances around human rights due to regimes and religious beliefs. And these issues tend to be discussed with a ‘big picture’ perspective. Kink/BDSM certainly doesn’t feature. But within that ‘big picture’, there are individuals, who are impacted daily by the prevailing culture. And this was… Continue Reading →

9 types of sissy orgasm

I’ve always been fascinated with sexual potential. In my early teens, I was reading Cosmo and some very adult novels (A Glimpse of Stocking is one I recall fondly) all of which gleefully educated me that I (as the owner of female sex organs) was a multi-orgasmic being, capable of intense, prolonged sexual pleasure, clitoral… Continue Reading →

When you fuck up as a sub, don’t run

[I’ve held this blog back to see how things would play out, but it was written in the midst of the turmoil, on Friday night, while I’m still feeling played and let down.] So, my last 24 hours have been unexpected. A sissy I’ve been conversing with, someone with whom I believed I had built… Continue Reading →


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