Woodland wa_k for sissy jessie

Public play is a big kink for me, and humiliating my sissy, jessie, in this way never ceases to push my D/s buttons…or hers. Her craving for erotic shame burns ever-bright. It’s a flame I breathe oxygen on whenever I get the chance.

On Sunday 19 April, I was toying with jessie on Kik and this run of events unfolded. This are our Kik messages and photos from the video she sent me. This is what real-life Dominance and submission looks like.

[No members of the public were harmed in the making of this video.]

Love erotic humiliation? I ordered sissy jessie to tell me what it’s like to crave shame in this blog. https://dommesissylifestyle.co.uk/2020/06/07/the-sissy-shame-crave-by-sissy-jessie/

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