A sissy pouch with your name on it

I have a huge passion for all things sissy. Particularly sissy lingerie. And especially satin. It’s almost a fetish. If you follow me on Twitter, IG or here, you’ll know I make satin items that decorate and feminise your clitty and balls. Since opening my Etsy shop, I’ve created a number of different designs – pouches, stroking sleeves, clitty frills, diamante chastity devices and stretchy clitty tubes. 

But I’m always dreaming up new things, always based on my own fantasies and kinky preferences. My latest idea that’s become reality is my very own ‘sissy’ fabric. I love writing on my sissies’ naked skin, naming them for what they are. I get a thrill from all the symbols of sissification – panties, painted lips, hearts and padlocks. 

So, I put all these together and created a fabric…which means you can now wear a satin pouch with ‘sissy’ written all over it – in case anyone’s in any doubt about what you are. *wicked grin* Credit to sissy delphie who recreated my designs digitally and prepped the files for print. She’s as excited as I am that sissies will soon be wearing the results of our D/s collaboration. 

Which design is your favourite?

There are two different colourways. One is classic pale pink and baby blue – with hearts, panties and padlocks. The other is hot pink and pale blue – with painted lips, padlocks and panties. Both are made from luxurious, double-layered satin and finished with a glossy double bow. 

Right now, I have two pouches for sale in my Etsy shop. If you want to be the first sissy to own one, grab yours now. I can only make more when time allows, and I’m not sure when that will be. (Damn my vanilla career!)

All my lingerie items are proving really popular, and sissies have started asking me for commissions. I also have new designs planned. Frills and ribbon bondage are involved, of course. 

Enjoy the pics. You’ll find videos on my Etsy shop too, so you can see exactly what you’re buying.

Visit my Etsy shop now – click here and perv the gorgeous satin sissy lingerie

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