A short story by sissy jessie

My sissy, jessie, often surprises me with an unexpected D/s treat. This time it was a short story sent via Kik. (I’m sure she was hard as she wrote it.)

The door slams open and in walks Mistress, dressed in total ‘fuck me’ gear. Heels, tiny dress, sizzling, beautiful flesh everywhere. Looking legitimately stunning (you know the vibe ;-)) and she’s clearly excited. Manhandling the guy she’s with, they’re clearly big into each other – her gorgeous posh voice very audible within the passionate embrace.  

Leading him to the bed, she flirts with her whole being, ever elegant and beautiful but absolutely bursting with passion. With the movement of her perfect legs she shows just a glimpse of glistening thong, and is fully in control… Slipping the straps of her perfect top down to reveal a little more skin, she slips her hand effortlessly beneath her conquest’s jeans and he goes to protest, but before he can stop her – that smirk. The laugh, and he knows the game is up. She wiggles them down a little more revealing the lacy pink panties, matching stockings and the clit – or rather, lack of clit – that throbs, leaking in the center of them.

“Er… Is that it?” She’s stern and clearly amused as he tries unsuccessfully to make it any bigger. “Do you honestly think you could fuck a Goddess like ME, with that?”. She continues with the withering verbal small penis humiliation as he struggles, clearly horribly embarrassed, trying to rescue the situation. “i..it’s not all about the size” he suggests, and with that – she pulls him onto the bed. “Go on then, show me what you can do STUD”.

The emphasis makes it even worse than before, and as the loser proudly shows off all of his 3 and a half inches, he looks up – and can’t help but wilt a little as she convulses further with laughter, and tries to stifle obvious laughs. “Hey big boy”. Her words echo hollow, but still some scraps of masculine pride remain. “I’ll only fuck REALLY impressive guys, but you do have one chance to impress me”. He scrambles up, clit still throbbing in those panties, “Yes Miss?” – well. Perhaps you could show me how much of a man you are by fucking that pretty girl over there.  

He stares for a moment at the blow up doll. It’s one of the really cheap ones. All inflatable sticky rubber with ludicrously proportioned tits with edges that look like they could cut through diamond, a grotesque mouth hole, and features that look like they were drawn on MS Paint. But he has to try it. Just has to! Immediately he stands up… “On your fucking knees pig”. He obeys instantly, crawls over to the doll, slips his miniscule clitty into the uninviting ass of the wretched figure and humps.. Humps.. *13 seconds and that familiar red rushes to his face as Mistress unleashes an unavoidable barrage of amusement… He’s successfully lasted 13 seconds before orgasm. “Is that er… Is that OK Miss?”

Entering with a swagger, Mistress’s husband is big, South African and has a SERIOUS cock – and an attitude to match. Pushing her enthusiastic slave away to his knees, Mistress seduces her stud instantly, and as she kisses and fondles him, the heat is obvious. A real couple. Sizzling with passion she smiles again. “Fuckslave” she speaks with almost a regal twang. Other-wordly. Undeniable. “You better beg to kiss his ass right now. After all sissy bitch” she purrs… “You’ll not be using that thing for a long LONG time, so you better get good with your tongue!”

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