sissy delphie in pink

This is a different post for me – fewer words, more visual stimulation. I get so many gorgeous pics from my sissies, I’m keen to share them.

They show alternative gender and sexual expression, and my idea of what I find sexually enticing. Transformation and feminisation really push my buttons. This is sissy delphie, dressed and posing for my pleasure on a Friday morning. Delicious. *smiling*

(And yes, she’s in the bathroom, doing this in secret to honour me. Submission isn’t easy when privacy is hard to come by, which makes her efforts particularly meaningful.)

This is what real-life D/s looks like.

Collared, controlled and chaste
Very pleasing back view…though that stocking top could be straighter.
Perky pinchable nipples – ideal for clamps
I adore those panties. I wish I could get a whole dress made in that fabric
Such a spankable bottom…and yes, she is a painslut.

You can follow sissy delphie on Fetlife: @sissy_delphie

One thought on “sissy delphie in pink

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  1. Wow… Sissy Delphie is nicely put together! Satin is a wonderful sissy fabric and that corset is to die for. A dress made out of that panty fabric would be delightfully emasculating. It’s exciting to see sissies held to ridiculous standards of physical presentation for the enjoyment of Dominants. (One sissy “privilege” is the feeling of arousal we can sometimes get when passing up treats or working out a little longer in an effort to be more attractive to Dominants, erotic sacrifice that the Dominant rarely even sees.) Lovely presentation, Sissy Delphie! You are very lucky to have the (critical) eye of Mistress Virago.


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