9 types of sissy orgasm

I’ve always been fascinated with sexual potential. In my early teens, I was reading Cosmo and some very adult novels (A Glimpse of Stocking is one I recall fondly) all of which gleefully educated me that I (as the owner of female sex organs) was a multi-orgasmic being, capable of intense, prolonged sexual pleasure, clitoral orgasms, g-spot orgasms and blended orgasms. And I’ve spent years exploring and exploiting this potential.

By contrast, I don’t recall the sexual or orgasmic potential of male anatomy being so widely or warmly discussed.

But I can confidently say that sissies have just as much orgasmic potential as any vulva owner, plus a whole extra dimension of kinky sexuality layered on top that can create intense and rare sexual experiences…some of which might be almost exclusive to D/s and sissification.

Cum again

As I sit here, typing this today, I believe there are at least nine types of orgasm/climax/release that sissies are (potentially) capable of. I throw in ‘potentially’ because some of these climaxes can’t be achieved without conditioning – literally reprogramming your body to have a different sexual response.

No list like this will ever be definitive. If you have another type of sissy orgasm to add, please leave a comment – I’d love to hear about it.

1 The normal ‘male’ orgasm

Most sissies will have experienced this. Hard clit and throbbing ejaculation with short-lived sexual pleasure, followed by a refractory period where you either can’t or don’t want to get aroused and cum again.

As a Dominant, I don’t like this type of orgasm for sissies. It’s the type of orgasm that’s most likely to lead to a loss of interest in submission for a while. (I’m looking at you, jessie!) If I do permit this type of orgasm, ‘jerking’ is absolutely forbidden. Rubbing with two fingers or through panties and squirting into them is much more appropriate. (And as a Domme, I can always make it a ruined orgasm. *dark laugh*)

2 Hands-free (clitty) orgasm

This is ejaculation through pussy stimulation alone with no clitty touching. Many sissies mistakenly call this a sissygasm. The clitty can be soft but is usually at least semi-hard. It’s usually followed by a refractory period, but some sissies can keep going and ejaculate again. Pleasure is driven by the prostate but the clit is involved in sensation during ejaculation. I like watching sissies cum this way.

3 Sissygasm

This is a p-spot orgasm, where orgasm is decoupled from ejaculation, and ejaculation doesn’t occur. All the sexual pleasure is driven by the prostate, multiple orgasms are likely and there is no refractory period between climaxes. Sissies who have been conditioned to orgasm this way usually experience sheet-gripping, body-shaking super Os…rolling from one to the next, almost unable to stop cumming. I’ve watched my sissy in this state as I fuck her. It’s amazing. This type of sexual experience lets sissies experience a more ‘female’ orgasmic state and achieve multiple orgasms like a woman. It also means your clit is irrelevant – great if you’re in chastity or have any dysphoria. (I’ve written about sissygasms in more detail here.)

4 Sissygasm with squirting

This is the same prostate orgasm, but with a release of fluid in spurts…sometimes prostatic fluid, sometimes pee, or a mix. The fluid is distinctive from cum as the bursts are far too drenching and watery to be cum. If you’re looking to squirt, start your session with a full bladder and let go of your inhibitions. Definitely pleasurable and no refractory period. (Again, I find this immensely erotic! I have such a kink for loss of control.)

5 Blended orgasms

These can happen when there’s stimulation of both pussy and clitty. Their distinguishing feature is that it’s hard to tell where most of the pleasure is coming from. With blended orgasms, there’s ejaculation and sexual pleasure. But there are mixed reports about refractory periods. This type of orgasm isn’t well known, or doesn’t seem to be documented much. Also, more confusion is caused by articles that use the term ‘blended orgasm’ to describe two types of stimulation that lead to orgasm, eg nipples and clit.

6 Inverted clitty orgasm

This requires a soft clitty. Press it back against your body, almost turning it inside out and stimulate it with your fingers and lots of lube, or a vibrator. You’ll reach a classic clitty-based orgasm with ejaculation, and encounter a refractory period. This is a very femme way to stimulate yourself and climax, as your clitty disappears – which can feel both emasculating and liberating. As a Dominant, I find it really erotic to watch a sissy cum this way. Proof soft clitties are sexy.

Want to see how it’s done? Here’s a fabulous video

7 Spontaneous orgasm

This is a clitty-based orgasm, ejaculating when hard or semi-hard with little or no warning and no direct sexual touching/stimulation, (aka premature ejaculation, if it’s during a sexual liaison). This type of orgasm is usually pleasurable (to some degree), lasts the same amount of time as a normal male orgasm and is followed by a refractory period. For pain sluts, it can happen during pain play. Sometimes for ballbusting fans, it can happen with a kick to the balls. I’ve seen it happen when a Mistress ripped off her subbie’s public hair with hot wax.  It’s a loss of control orgasm, so bad news if you don’t have permission to cum at that point.

8 Slowgasm / Nogasm

This is a release that takes place totally unexpectedly, without any direct sexual stimulation. It’s a non-throbbing clitty orgasm that releases cum in a number of slow flows, over minutes, with no pleasure…to the point where you’re not sure if anything has really happened. It may even just feel like excessive leaking until you see the whiteness and realise you’ve cum.   

In my one personal experience of this phenomenon, it happened to a sissy in a supermarket. She’d been kept chaste for weeks beforehand. That morning, she was instructed to remove her chastity device, put on satin panties and go out to do chores. Just as she was exiting the supermarket, she felt a lot of wetness, but wasn’t sure what had actually happened. But a quick check in a local park showed what looked like cum in her panties. And the leaks kept coming over about 15 minutes. She also had a lot of clitty sensitivity afterwards, suggesting a post-orgasmic state, yet within minutes of being told to walk around, she was worried she might cum again…so no real refractory period. This is the most mysterious type of sissy orgasm I’ve learned about to date. I’ve termed it a slowgasm/nogasm because there was zero sexual pleasure and no contractions like ejaculation but it was definitely a release. Another loss of control release.

9 Milking

This is not technically an orgasm, but it is a release through stimulation of the p-spot to produce fluid, but with no ejaculation. It’s done by insistent rubbing of the prostate and usually takes between 10 and 40 minutes to get the flow going. Many Dommes like to do this to their chaste sissy, sometimes for wellbeing, sometimes as part of a session. After all, it’s pretty belittling to be denied orgasm whilst your clitty drips in streams. And there’s no refractory period with milking, which is another bonus.

And counting?

So, those are nine types of sissy orgasm that I’ve managed to distinguish. And it shows just how varied and amazing sissy orgasms can be. If you have experiences to add to this, I’m interested to hear them. 

2 thoughts on “9 types of sissy orgasm

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  1. Last week I had a strange experience. I went out for a ride with my horse while wearing a sizable butt plug. It might classify as a number 8 nogasm. The prostate and or perineum were probably stimulated resulting in a serious flow of clear liquid (I’m sterilized) .
    No orgasmic feelings only a mess in my briefs. Mysterious but happening for real.

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  2. I have for the past 12 months been practising edging while masturbating and i can get myself to a stage now repeatedly that is like have one orgasm after another with breaks in between, then when i finally allow myself to cum the orgasm is so intense. I would say to anyone give it a try it takes some practise but the results are worth the time it takes to gain the control.


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