The Element of Shame – yours to own

It’s taken me a few years, but my kinky novel – The Element of Shame – is now available on Kindle and in paperback ( I cannot express how happy I am about this. 

A love song to D/s and my sissies

D/s has been transformative for me, giving me emotional and physical space in a stifling, vanilla world. The connections I’ve made with each of my sissies have changed my life. I treasure each of them and their submission, devotion and willingness to explore with me. 

As I came into the kink scene and my love affair with D/s grew, I was determined to write a novel about kinky lifestyles that was rooted in real life. And a novel that was specifically about the FemDom/sissy dynamic. 

Too many books out there default to a male dominant/female submissive set up. Those that have a female dominant often feature an Alpha male sub…tall…successful…rich…ripped etc, perpetuating the cliche that a FemDom only wants this type of submissive. I wanted to strike against that and make a sissy the object of Mistress’s desire.

(By the way, my sissies have been central to helping me get this book over the line. sissy amanda proofread all 413 pages and she stars on the cover, kneeling in supplication. sissy delphie did some clever photoshopping to create the image of Domme and sissy. This is the magic of D/s. It’s a shared, supportive experience.)

Emotion and erotica

My other reason for writing this book is that I hadn’t found a D/s novel that dealt with some of the more difficult emotions that come up for submissives who want to serve in a feminine/feminised identity – with ‘shame’ being at the core of this for so many. 

I’ve long played in the ‘shame/erotic humiliation’ space. It’s one of my most arousing kinks. At the same time, I’ve talked to so many sissies over the years who were struggling to truly explore their kinks and express their true selves because shame gets in the way. These themes are at the heart of the book for both of the central characters. 

A big ‘fuck you’ to 50 Shades 

There is SO much wrong with 50 Shades – from dire writing to creepy, non-consensual stalking behaviour to blaming his dominance on his mummy issues. But my biggest eye roll is that the whole thing hinges on him being a multi-millionaire. It’s dull because it’s not real. 

For most lifestylers, D/s gets subversive and sexy when it’s lived in tandem with ‘normal’ life. This is the aspect that gets me really excited. I can be deep in dynamic with my sissy…whilst we’re both sitting at work 100 miles apart. Or we might be out in public together, looking like two friends to all the vanillas, but I’m actually triggering a remote control butt plug that’s making her legs shake. I’ve always said that D/s lets you live two lives at the same time. My book is all about this. Both my lead characters have jobs, friends, social lives, bills to pay. It’s real life. But their lives are also a wicked riot of female domination, feminisation, sissification, erotic humiliation, domestic discipline, bondage, pain play and more. 

Explicit and illicit – here’s a taste

I know you like being teased, so here’s the blurb from the back of the book. And if it whets your appetite or dampens your panties, you can read the first 30 pages for free, using the ‘preview’ button on the image below. Enjoy!

“I’m now the person I’d ached to be all those years. My heart is bursting. I can hardly breathe. Mistress stepped up behind me to meet my eyes in the mirror. The devil on my shoulder, a radiance of black sparks like blown embers; dancing desire. I succumb, giving into the arousal flooding my whole body. ‘Take me,’ I begged silently.”

Kinky, confident and sexually subversive, Castra is a lifestyle dominant on the hunt for her next D/s liaison – someone she can coax into her dark playground of submission, discipline, pain play, chastity and sissification.

Aching to escape the conventions of a vanilla relationship but struggling to face his true desires, Justin stumbles into Castra’s world. Order by order, scene by scene, Justin is transformed into jocelyn, serving at “Mistress Vexatia’s” pleasure, and obeying every twisted, erotic, humiliating order.

But can Justin truly break away and live his deepest D/s fantasies? Or will vanilla expectations and a secret US girlfriend drag him back to normal life?

Set in London, The Element of Shame lifts the velvet curtain on real-life D/s relationships. The interactions, the language and the protocols – it’s all here, laid bare. Come and see. In this world, voyeurs are welcome.

Want to be a good sissy for me? If you read it and love it, leave a review.

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