5 pairs of must-have sissy panties

I get a lot of messages from sissies asking me what type of panties I favour. So, I thought I’d write my first sissy panties guide for all those curious pantywaists.

Needless to say, as a sissy-maker, I’m rather obsessed with panties. They are the defining symbol of sissification. I expect my owned sissies to be in panties every day. And when I have cause to punish them, a panty ban is often inflicted. A true sissy will feel the loss of their panties sharply every day of the ban. 

If a sissy has really irked me, for instance directly disobeying my orders, I will destroy a pair of their favourite panties…or worse still, make sissy do it. I find this highly effective for reminding a sissy that obedience is for their own good. And that disobedience comes at a high cost.

Panties really do serve a variety of purposes. They can be a source of pleasure, arousal, frustration, punishment, shame and humiliation. So, what sort of panties do I like to see on my sissies? Let me guide you.

1  Classic pink satin sissy panties

These should be the first pair of panties a sissy buys. This is what a Mistress wants to see. A cotton pair from the supermarket simply isn’t good enough! You’re not a girl. You’re a sissy. And trust me, the slippery caress of satin against your clitty is a sensation that puts you into sissy space very quickly. The style should be full-back. I’m also partial to ruffles.

Find them on Amazon https://smile.amazon.co.uk/dPois-Crossdress-Underwear-Ruffled-Bloomers/dp/B07DFC2S8B/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?

These are also pretty.

Also from Amazon https://smile.amazon.co.uk/iEFiEL-Ruffled-Lingerie-Crossdress-Underwear/dp/B07L3SYMLG/ref=sr_1_11?

2  See-through panties

I particularly like the humiliation and exposure of see-through panties. I like to order my sissy to flash me when they are wearing vanilla boywear, eg unbuckle their belt, unbutton their fly and reveal their panties to me. I like the fact my sissies are in panties yet their clitty is still visible. Any wetness leaks straight through to vanilla clothes, making an embarrassing wet spot. They feel the erotic burn of my gaze on their little sissy stick, plus any verbal humiliation I wish to inflict. 

There are all sorts of see-through panties out there, but here are a couple of styles that I like.

From Amazon https://smile.amazon.co.uk/MSemis-Crossdress-Gradient-Underwear-36-0-52-0/dp/B07HDZCDML/ref=sr_1_4_sspa
From Amazon https://smile.amazon.co.uk/Bigood-Through-Low-Waist-Panties-Underwear/dp/B083FB7ZR3/ref=sr_1_6

3  Show panties

By ‘show panties’ I mean panties that are designed to make a show of a sissy’s clitty – in an unlocked state. When I got into kink many years ago, I couldn’t find panties on the market that specifically fulfilled this purpose, so I actually tasked my sissy, amanda, to make a pair. My brief (pun intended) was that the panties had to be super-sissified, and expose and show off her clitty. I wanted to be wowed.

Needless to say, sissy amanda rose to the occasion, creating a unique pair of truly eye-catching panties which I fell in love with. Satin, ribbon, flowers and see-through mesh at the back. Sissilicious!

The point of these panties is to present a sissy’s clitty in a way that’s pleasing and emasculating, and to make it accessible for some clitty torture and teasing, if that’s the mood I’m in. The other feature of this design, when under vanilla clothing, is that it ensures sissy’s clitty rubs against her jeans as she walks around. A cruel tease for my chaste sissy. *dark smile*

Of course, you could also wear a chastity device with these panties and tie the ribbon around it to make it pretty. That would look good too.

You might need to make your own show panties – a fun sissy task and I’d love to see the results if you do. However, if you’re not adept with a needle, thread and ribbon, I spotted these on thesissymarket.

A small note to guide you… From the photos on the website, it looks like they are showing two different pairs of panties on this listing – one smaller tanga style, the other a more full cut, hip-hugger style. It might be that the tanga style is just the smaller size, and the XXL is a more generous shape. That said, these are fabulous sissy maid show panties.


4  Torture panties 

These are panties that are a torment for the wearer – deliberately uncomfortable. I have a twisted creative mind – so useful for a Domme. I first dreamed these up many years ago when I wanted to secretly inflict CBT on my sissy as she went about her daily routine.

The panties are very tight shapewear, designed to grip the body. The inside is lined with the abrasive side of pink pan scourers. Deliciously spiky, scratchy and pinchy. Sitting or walking, her dinky sissy clit and soft balls are constantly chafed and scrubbed. *wicked grin*

You might have to make torture panties yourself if you want a pair. I certainly couldn’t find anything like them. 

Or you might be lucky enough to accidentally buy a pair of panties that are uncomfortable on a lesser level. Sissy delphie did this recently, buying this gorgeous purple satin pair, only to find the lace edges were scratchy and annoying. I instantly declared them her torture panties, and I now make her wear them as a corrective measure when required. *laughing* She also ends up in them when she’s run out of other panties, which I find amusing. A punishment for not doing sissy laundry on time.

If memory serves, these are the scratchy panties.

You can find them on Amazon https://smile.amazon.co.uk/RedRose-Lingerie-Panties-Knickers-Cadbury/dp/B07K1CV195

5 “Fuck-me” panties

Choose the right panties and there’s nothing to stop you fucking a sissy without even pulling her panties down. Split-back panties are my favourite for this. (sissy delphie has a pair in pink satin. They look innocent from the front and inviting/slutty from behind.) 

eBay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133715937632?hash=item1f22174960:g:cHkAAOSwtshgayLZ

The sissy store actually does a pair called Fukk Pants. These have a cut-away back for easy access. For an extra $5, you can add a hole at the front for your clitty and turn them into Show Panties – a slutty 2-for-1 deal.

http://www.thesissystore.com https://shop.eblue.com/fukkpants/original-satin-fukkpant?ref=thesissystore.com

Do you have a kink for latex? You might want to consider these ‘panties’ instead, available in many shades of pink. They are designed for pussy play, with an anal sheath built in.

Libidex https://libidex.com/target-shorts.html

A good sissy should always douche for their Domme if they are lucky enough to be fucked, but some medical conditions can make douching inadvisable. So, this could be a good alternative. These shorts aren’t cheap (£99). Wish does a pair for about £40 if you can live with black and red.

So…which pair are you buying first?

Obviously, if you don’t have a pair of the classic pink satin panties that I mention at the start of my guide, you really should start with these. If you want to go a step further, how about this set? I adore this, which is why I’ve bought it for my sissy girls more than once.

Amazon https://smile.amazon.co.uk/dPois-Ruffled-Wire-Free-Lingerie-XX-Large/dp/B08MT76HKF/ref=sr_1_50

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