“Dear panties” – jessie’s journey to sissy pantywaist

An introduction from Mistress
I received this wonderfully revealing piece from my collared sissy, jessie, shortly after I published my ‘5 pairs of must-have sissy panties’ blog. This is her intimate confession to a long, steamy love affair with girly panties…published for you to enjoy and to make her blush and squirm. *smiling*

Teenage dreams

It was when I was in my early teens, that panties really came into my life… And amongst the glimpses at The Daily Sport glamour models flashing their assets from beneath a wisp of ‘barely there’ underwear, and my mates bragging about which girl’s underwear they’d ripped right off… I, already well aware of my sexual position in the pecking order, chose to abandon those gorgeous girls behind the lingerie (who would no doubt pick the better endowed male anyway) and started to focus on that gorgeous fabric instead. The thongs. The pretty full backs. The particularly daring split crotch numbers.

And focus on it I did! From taping up my boyish briefs at the back so that they acted like crude thongs, to stealthily stealing panties from big sisters of friends – it wasn’t long before I was obsessed, and desperate to go further with my dress up play. So called ‘Transvestite Day’ at 6th form rag week finally sealed the deal [the implications of officially running such a wholly offensive day fills me with abject horror these days, but there we go] and I borrowed the cutest skirt and top combo from a friend called Jenny – took it home and tried it on. I looked dazzling, and I must have played for hours in my new ensemble! Trying out all those submissive poses I had subconsciously learnt from all that pedalled smut I’d pored over, fingering my sissy hole and finally unloading a huge load whilst looking at myself in the mirror.

I’ve always been an arrogant little slut 😉

“Cute knickers and humiliating words”

But it wasn’t until Mistress Virago came into my life that my full appreciation for panties completely blew up. My previous Mistress enjoyed dressing me up in underwear of her choice, but she favoured love-infused cruelty over fashion – and would simply pick from what I had on offer as she set me night long tasks of writing lines whilst sitting on butt plugs, or edging over pictures of her boyfriend’s big cock. Whereas my panties became of intense daily importance with Mistress Virago – and she unpicked a world of excitement for this little sissy.

Simple cute knickers with wonderfully humiliating word play on the bottom were of real excitement (later on Mistress would even send me special wedding panties to get married in), and Goddess really went above and beyond – customising pretty knickers for her slave to wear with large messages in ribbon writ large on the fabric. SLUT read one of my pairs of panties in gorgeous pink satin… TINY emblazoned the front of another pair, which still sees me gulping in excited humiliation each time I slip them on. So simple. So clear. Nike has ‘Just Do It’ – slut Jessica has ‘TINY’. There’s no question there. No nuance. Try pretending to still have any strips of masculinity about you while wearing those. Amazing.

“Chastity tube and jingly bells”

Then there were chastity tubes (occasionally attached to panties) which Mistress crafted from iPod Mini cases. Yup – that’s how small my ‘cock’ [a word I’m not permitted to use, so please know that it’s delivered with the greatest of ironies] is… That I wore relentlessly at work, my clit throbbing in its tiny gaudy case, often with bells on to humiliate me further and look like a TINY pair of sissy marbles as I jingled about the office. Speaking of bells, Mistress once crafted me a pair of maid’s panties with lots of little ringers sewn into them, so I could always be located as I sashayed about serving her and her boyfriend. Again. A work of genius. Simple, effective. So humiliating.

“The deepest cut”

But as Mistress alludes to in her article, my pantie obsession could be a problem when I was a naughty girl, and to my eternal shame I went through periods where I was petulant and bad at communication. A classic ‘man’ in other words. The long term solution was further training and almost permanent chastity (a gift I thank Mistress for each day), but the short term punishment was horrible. On several occasions – with Mistresses admonishments ringing in my ears – I was made to physically cut up some of my favourite panties… My heart beating and my cheeks red, tears playing at my eyelids as I took scissors to a favourite pair – memories and sexual identity destroyed by my own hand and through my own fault. A harrowing lesson for a pantywaist – and one I will never forget!

But this is just one sad memory in what feels like a lifetime of wondrous ones, and I will never be able to thank my Owner enough for making me a true panty addict – and, like all proper fangirls, you always have to have one pair of absolutely mythical status panties, right? Amongst all your favourites – the pair you will never forget.

“Panties with something of a spell over me”

Mine is a silky gold butterfly thong… A last choice in a 5 panties for £20 deal at some saucy lingerie place – which Mistress still mentions to me from time to time. Sleek and  sassy – with a surprisingly thick thing back, these were the ones that used to make me squeal…. And if I remember correctly, these were panties Mistress occasionally used to allow me to spurt my little sissygasm into. GOD they were sexy. GOD they were intense! Not necessarily a favourite (how can something off the shelf be as wonderful as Mistresses hand crafted creations) those panties had something of a spell over me… I just wanted to be fucked as soon as I put them on. Spread, fingered and fucked by Daddy’s strap on, or a hunky guy, or you. Or your grandad. Whatever. Just needed to be owned and used *gulps*

Anyway – work is calling, so I should probably wind up my ode to beautiful panties inspired by, and wholly down to Mistress Virago. She has turned me into the simpering pantywaist I am today, and I can never thank her enough for that gift…

For inspiring sissies across the world, and making a generation of small-clitted beta ‘males’…. Dear Panties – we salute you. You’ll never forget your first pair, but the only question is…. Which are your next ones! ❤

Thank you Mistress Virago. For everything.

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One thought on ““Dear panties” – jessie’s journey to sissy pantywaist

Add yours

  1. I thank You and your various sissies for Your blog. Truly.

    Until recently I’ve been in a decade plus hiatus from not just kink, but *any* relationship (bad car accident, rehab from that, then an illness, then we were all blessed with COVID. Then after the first resumption of any connection with anyone it… didn’t go well.. (I won’t go into the lengths of that utter hell, nor my kink history or kinks as I don’t want to bore or depress all of Y/you). But now that I’ve found my Queen – who is taking Her time (and undoubtedly MUCH of her patience) in training me and molding me to Her exquisite tastes, I must say that panties are VERY important to U/us (probably more so to me) or ANY sissy in my opinion. A “full time” or “part time” sissy (I am very much the latter – I have a bit of femme that I enjoy to come out in the bedroom; though if She wants it otherwise I imagine She’ll get me there).

    With my current situation, panties are about as “extensive” as I can get here at home clothing-wise at least. As W/we are currently in a long-distance relationship, I find them a *VERY* important part of O/our dynamic. She considers me Her property (very very dear property, but property all the same) and expects total control over m̴e̴ ̴a̴n̴d̴ ̴m̴y̴ ̴l̴i̴f̴e̴ O/our life. She chooses my outfits daily, which of course includes my panties (and the plug for the day).

    But before meeting my Owner, finding *legitimate* as well as GOOD content on Domme/sissy relationships was…. difficult (and still is).

    So, I humbly wish to thank You (and your sissies for their contributing content). It really is a breath of fresh air, and when finding legitimate content on it all… and not just a male-centric wankfest.


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