Satin clitty pouches made by Mistress

Satin. For me it’s the essence of sissification. So, I’ve finally started making satin clitty pouches. These are created from my Dominant fantasies of what I want a clitty pouch to look and feel like. Deluxe double-layered satin for that delicious slip-slide on your clitty, rubbing you with every move. Classic sissy colours of pale pink, baby blue, lush lilac and deep fuchsia. Adorned with pretty bows, wide frills and frothy lace.

Does this make me a Satinatrix?

Prissy images were some of the first and most formative exposure that I had to sissies, and this is the type of sissification that I find most erotic. The archetypal helplessly aroused, weak, effeminate, limp-wristed, simpering sissy – destined for and addicted to satin bondage and petticoating. I want my sissy clitty covers to look like something straight out of a Prissy image.

Sheer luxury, not made in China

Forget the cheap, made-in-China clitty covers you can get on Amazon. These might look ok in the photos, but that’s it. I bought a couple as I wanted to put all my sissies in them, but I was disappointed by the feel of them. They are a single layer. So, no lovely slippery feeling. And they’re quite small. They don’t have that flouncy Prissy aesthetic.

I set out to fix all this, choosing lovely satins and sewing two layers into every pouch. This also lets me create attractive colour combinations. Some are frilled in lace. Some are pure satin. Some are dainty. Some are OTT. They are all from my deviant mind. (And I have more designs planned, such as adding jingly bells.)

All of them have comfy, high-stretch elastic so they go on easily over your clitty and balls. (Or chastity device and balls.) And for that extra kinky element of satin bondage, each pouch has a ribbon threaded through metal eyelets which lets you tie it tightly in place.

I’m selling on Etsy mvirago’s shop

A lot of care, craft and materials go into making each clitty cover. It’s just me and my sewing machine, making one at a time, and it’s not quick work. The prices reflect this. These are luxury items…because your sissification is worth it. It’s an opportunity to own something made by my own wicked, whip-wielding hands. Something made to express my D/s fantasies. Buy one from me on Etsy.

Want to know how sexy my satin pouches feel?

Here’s sissy amanda trying not to cum while stroking through one. So hot. (I could watch this on a loop. *lustful smile*)

Go on…treat yourself. This could be you, sissy. Come and choose your favourite design in my Etsy shop.

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