Prissy sissy – an introduction from sissy Tinkerbelle

No two sissies are the same, but many share traits in how they express their sissiness. Some are a blank canvas, ready for a Dominant to decorate. Some are happiest serving as a demure sissy maid. Then there are the sissy sluts and sissy super-whores, aching to be used and sexually degraded. But one of the most ‘colourful’ sissy types and identifiable at a glance is the prissy sissy. I recently received a charming letter from one such sissy – Tinkerbelle. I decided to share it with you all, (with consent, of course) as it’s a lovely description of what a prissy sissy is and how that prissiness is expressed.

Dear Mistress Virago

It has been my sissy dream for quite some time to write to you and be featured on your wonderful blog. However, I must confess that being a somewhat delicate pansy, I have had to be brave to finally write to you about my life of sissy prissification.

I hope your readers will kindly allow me to introduce myself. My name is Tinkerbelle and I’m a sissy from the UK. More specifically, I’m what might be described as an effeminate prissy sissy.

How does a prissy sissy differ from other types of sissy? Quite simply, prissy sissies are feminized males known for wearing the most outrageously frilly and effeminate attire imaginable, with pretty satin panties, petticoats, frills, shiny bows and everything in between! We are naturally meek, subservient and dainty, devoted to the joy of parading and prancing in the prettiest outfits, often for a Dominant who finds it amusing to train such sissies in obedience and pansification. Other sissies may feel differently, but as a prissy sissy I have never felt the desire to become or be described as a girl or woman. It is very important to stress that sissification as a kink lifestyle choice does not intend to mimic outdated female stereotypes or imply that femininity is something inherently weak or passive. I simply accept I enjoy being an emasculated male pansy and my main goal is simply to become more and more sissified.

I’ve often been asked why I choose to parade myself in lace, satin and bows. The only answer I can give is that for as long as I can remember, I’ve been a timid and faint-hearted pansy, and drowning in frills like this has always simply felt like the natural thing to do. This is even when it results in me feeling very embarrassed, as it so very often does.

As soon as I am dressed in swishy layers of silk and satin, all I can say is I instantly experience what I truly desire to be as a submissive. Being immersed in petticoats, frills and sissy wear allows me to become my true self and to share with others my love of everything delicate, dainty and prissy. I have met so many wonderful sissies and one of the best things about being a sissy for me is making friends with other pansies who share a love of the lifestyle I adore.

At the present time I am a single sissy, and I’d like to share with you in detail some of the things I believe a dedicated prissy sissy must take care of when she is not actively involved with a Dominant. I also speak to many aspiring sissies who ask me what I believe to be the best way to attract a Dominant. I can honestly say at this moment I’m still not absolutely sure, but here are some of the things I like to work on as part of my sissy lifestyle.

Firstly, as a prissy sissy, sissification is something I take, and I believe all sissies should, a huge amount of pride in. I believe it is my pansy duty to take the utmost attention to details, dress and accessories. This means I always try to be turned out as best as I can, with bows neatly in place, petticoats ruffled, frills sitting pretty, and all the minor things that are so very often missed.

I also practise regularly activities such as sissy walking and hand gestures, making sure I swish and sway, with delicately limp wrists wherever possible. From outrageously over the top makeup to neatly attaching panty girdles to stockings, there are in fact so many things a sissy can be practising, I sometimes wonder how I might find the time to even serve a Dominant!

I also think sissies should try as best they can to make friends with other sissies to discuss and share the sissy lifestyle with. Not only does this often encourage them to practically become better sissies by sharing clothing, accessory and lifestyle tips, it also means they can find support when they are unable to receive any from a Dominant. Even though sissification is quite often wonderful and utterly thrilling, being a sissy can also sometimes be difficult. Like most sissies I experience challenges in balancing a ‘vanilla’ lifestyle with my sissy life. Close sissy friends (like good Dominants) understand that sissy feelings can be stronger at certain times and weaker at others, and can help sissies through such times.

Lastly, we all know as sissies the desire to find a Dominant is often very strong, but it is my belief that being a sissy goes so much deeper than this. In fact, I hope that my sissification will reach a point where I am so well prepared, meeting a suitable dominant to share my lifestyle with will be relatively easy. I am very proud and content to be a prissy sissy, I do not consider myself ‘pathetic’ or a ‘loser’. So many sissies I see have such a negative self image I find it so surprising that they complain about not being able to attract a Dominant. Being a submissive sissy does not mean you should not take pride in appearance and demeanour, in fact it means the opposite!

So I would like to thank you, Mistress Virago, for your dedication to the sissy lifestyle, and I hope you think my words might be of some inspiration to others. I have always truly enjoyed writing about sissification, and I actually believe writing daintily and eloquently is something that has helped my pansification just as much as dressing or acting in a certain manner. I would in fact encourage all true prissy sissies to express their sissy nature and the sissy they would dearly like to become in words!

Yours respectfully,

Tinkerbelle xx

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