sissy cummie for sissy amanda

Very occasionally I permit my sissy a release. When I’m not present for it, I expect a full report so I can savour it and get my kicks off it. This is the latest one from sissy amanda…and this gives me Dominant thrills for so many reasons.

Thank you for giving me permission to cum, Mistress. curtsey It seems that lately your horny sissy has become an auto-edging sissy as the last few mornings I’ve woken up and been stroking over or inside my panties almost without realising it, until I edge with a whimper in the darkness. That’s exactly how today started and I followed that up by slipping my small aneros in my pussy from 7am until close to 9am as it once again it made my pussy cum repeatedly.

After removing the aneros and running a bath, I slipped into the perfumed water and as my pussy was still slick with lube my finger was soon inside it as I edged my clitty with the fingers of my other hand.

I had my full orgasm this afternoon, Mistress, and while my clitty squirted I didn’t touch it at all to reach that point. I’d spent the day in my tight pink tucking panties which are a constant tease for my clitty and then after popping out to the shops I went into the bedroom and slipped out of my clothes and lay on the bed.

As I lay there with my eyes closed I gently rubbed and squeezed my little stiff nipples and focused purely on the growing waves of pleasure caused by that. I could feel it in my g-spot, too, and my clitty slowly got hard until it was twitching and throbbing.

It was such a slow route to climax but I could feel it building gradually until my orgasm began a few moments before I squirted. I could feel my cum rising so slowly and as I opened my eyes I saw that the first squirt was clear precum. It felt like an age as I hung balanced on the precipice before my clitty then squirted cum all over my stomach.

It was a lovely release but I really felt the separation of orgasm and squirting: the long, drawn-out orgasm felt wonderful while the subsequent squirting felt like more of a separate, and rather sensation-free, consequence of the orgasm rather than a part of it. That’s another step along the path of conditioning, no doubt. smiling

lustful smile That’s a very arousing report on your cummie, little slut. I’m fascinated that your breasts are now so sensitive that they are a pathway to making you cum. And thrilled that you feel such a separation between orgasm and squirting. Even better that it’s not the squirting that causes you pleasure. It’s amazing how wonderfully conditioned and sexually feminised you are now, my owned sissy.
I’ll be interested how much this release diminishes the bite of your chastity.

I’m interested to find out, too, Mistress. Hopefully the squirting won’t steal the delicious ache for so long.

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  1. Absolutely lovely job You have done with her Mistress Virago. Reading about the (re)conditioning part of the feminization only reminds me how much further I have to go in that journey.

    And I honestly can’t comprehend how anyone wouldn’t want the capability to orgasm that way (understandably the feminization part and the D/s isn’t for everyone, but I think they’re crazy there too.

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