Humiliating cummie for sissy delphie

I usually set tasks and permissions on WhatsApp, where only me and my sissy can see them. But today, my D/s side is feeling devilish, so I’m publishing @sissy_delphie’s instructions for a sissy release here instead…where everyone can see them…which should make her blush, as lots of people will know exactly what she’s done in my honour. *dark smile*

I sent her this photo and a short message that ended: “So, delphie…consider this your Mistress granting permission for your next release.”

As you can see, sissy delphie had to ‘penetrate’ a paper pussy to reach some sort of sissy climax – an idea that sprung into my kinky mind that morning. She begged very prettily for the privilege of a release. I’m happy to grant it, as she’s been a good, chaste girl for me for quite a stretch.

In my instructions, I added, “Oh and delphie – I’m ordering a video of this wonderful erotic humiliation, so I’ll get to savour you making a show of herself.”

Whether this is a ruined orgasm or a full sissy cummie will be up to delphie…and how much pleasure she can gain from her paper partner.

“So, delphie…it’s time to replicate my words and draw your paper pussy, little sissy. You have until 1pm on Saturday 2 Jan to take this release.”

sissy delphie begging for a release from chastity

Did she cum?

Of course! After weeks of chastity, tease and denial, even paper feels sexy. *laughing*

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