“Beg for it”

Sissy privileges, such as clitty stroking and pussy toys, need to be earned. As an owned sissy, you don’t just indulge whenever you feel like it. Your Mistress decides when you deserve to pleasure yourself, and what form that should take.

This is a typical exchange between me and @sissyamanda. I usually permit her privileges at the weekend as a reward for being an obedient, chaste girl.

*strolling over to cup your pretty face* You’ve been a good girl for me this week, my sweet sissy. So I’m giving you permission to beg for privileges. 
Option 1 – 24 hours of clitty stroking from 2pm today until 2pm tomorrow – kneel and beg.
Option 2 – Stroking and pussy toys from now until midnight Sunday – strip to your panties and grovel, bottom in the air and face to the floor.
Option 3 – 7 days of clitty pleasure and pussy toys from now – kneel and beg in bra and panties, with yesterday’s panties in your mouth and the word ‘please’ written on your clitty… displayed with your panties tucked behind it.  I can’t wait to see what you choose, my owned property. *dominant twinkle*

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