Sexy cam session with sissy amanda

I’d been missing my contact with my devoted sissy amanda. (Usually, she’s a regular visitor in my house, serving every few weeks.) So, I messaged her and told her to be ready for a cam session at 2pm. My orders: Dress to please me – stockings, bra, panties, pretty dress and heels. Collect the following items: ribbon, small buttplug, scrubbing brush and pink jelly dildo.

I got my wish. amanda looked delightful in a white layered dress, black stockings and boots, with pretty pink hair; smiling as she greeted me. I made her stand for me and show me the details of her outfit. I wanted to appreciate what she’d chosen, revel in the details. I ordered her to curtsey for me. This particular obeisance is one of my favorites. It defines the Domme/sissy dynamic. I watched as amanda dutifully dipped a curtsey for me. Very nice.

Next I made her show me the objects I’d asked for. They were all present. 

So, time for the fun to begin.

‘How’s your chastity feeling, sissy?’

‘I’m feeling it, Mistress.’

‘Get up and show me.’

amanda obeyed immediately, standing and lifting her skirt to show her panties. I assess the little tent at the front. ‘I think I can make that little bulge a bit bigger…make your chastity bite a bit harder.’

I watch amanda’s reaction, the flicker that crosses her face; the anticipation of how her Mistress will do that.

‘Show me your clitty.’

Holding up her dress, amanda lowers her panties to her thighs. She’s visibly aroused.

‘Remind me when you last came, sissy’

‘About two weeks ago, Mistress.’

‘And how did that happen?’ I know the answer, but I want to make her say it.

‘On the video I made for you, Mistress.’

I smile at this. It was a very sexy video. 

‘I want to see you touch yourself, sissy.’ This might sound like a simple and welcome instruction, but not for amanda. She’s prone to cumming very quickly. Even one fingertip can be too much. ‘Start at the base of your clitty.’

She obeys, gingerly trailing her fingers across her skin. Her clitty reponds instantly. 

I love the surge of pleasure I feel as I show her (again) how little control she has. 

‘Is that already feeling too good, sissy?’

‘Yes, Mistress, a bit.’

‘Well…let’s distract you for a moment. Where’s your buttplug?’

She finds it and shows it to me. 

‘Put it in, and do it here so I can see. I’m not going to spare you any blushes.’

amanda carefully lubes it up. It’s a small, purple g-spot type. 

‘Turn your back to me, I want to see it go in.’

She turns, obliging me. It goes in easily, the camera on her phone showing this in explicit detail.

‘You can turn back to face me.’

She does. Her clitty is a little less aroused. But I’m going to change that.

‘Right…let’s leave your clitty alone for a moment. I want you to sit on the bed and grind that plug for me.’

amanda sits with a groan of pleasure. I know it’s pushing that curved plug against her g-spot. 

‘Roll your hips, sissy, I want to see you fucking yourself with that plug.’

She does it, breath quickly getting short, the expression on her face a mix of pleasure and pained control. I live for moments like that. She doesn’t have permission to cum with her clitty. She knows it but I tell her anyway. ‘No cumming, slut.’

‘No, Mistress.’

And I keep her grinding and groaning until she suddenly stops. I laugh. ‘Getting too close, sissy?’

‘I think so, Mistress.’

‘Ok, stop grinding and get your ribbon. Tie it on prettily. I want a bow on top.’

amanda loops the long purple ribbon around her hard clitty, making a neat bow.

‘Now grab the ends of the bow and pull…so it tightens’

She does it with a murmured ‘Oh god.’

‘Are you feeling that?’

‘Yes, Mistress.’

‘Stand up and let go of the ribbon. I want to see your tying skills up close.’

She obliges, grateful for the breather as I admire the criss-crossed satin.

‘Start tugging again. I want to see you edge.’

It only takes moments before her legs start to tremble, a telltale sign. I tease her again, ‘Are you losing control? Better sit down and grind instead.’ 

She does…until that becomes too much and I make her stand once more. I’m laughing. 

‘I could do this alllll day. I love seeing you caught like this…not knowing which stimulation is worse.’

Head bowed, humiliated, she murmured, ‘Yes, Mistress.’

‘Undo the ribbon.’

She obeyed with a sigh of relief. ‘Now tuck your clitty back inside your panties and stroke through them, let’s see if that helps you last a little longer.’

As she tries, I say, amused, ‘Your clitty hardly fits inside your panties in that state, amanda. It’s amusing you were given such a big clitty, but have so little control.’

I know my words only make her harder.

She gently touches herself and I watch her face, the struggle in her eyes, her wish to please me, her eroding control…the things that turn me on so much. I’m breaking her. It’s deeply erotic.

Her fingers suddenly stop. I feel myself smiling cruelly.

‘Is that feeling too good, slut?’

‘Yes, Mistress.’ Her fingers are trembling now too.

‘Sit down. As you’re so close to cumming, I think it’s time to stroke with your scrubbing brush instead.’

Head bowed, amanda starts to run the prickly brush over her taut clitty, mewing as the bristles spike her.

‘Tuck your panties under your balls…you can scratch those too.’

She obeys and I watch the brush travel across her sensitive skin, observing, ‘Your clitty doesn’t seem to be going down much…clearly your craving for CBT is still there, little slut.’ 

She murmurs a suffering agreement.

‘OK, take off your dress. I want to see your clitty sticking out of your panties as you ride that plug for me.’ She obeys. 

‘I want you to imagine that it’s my cock in your pussy, my cock fucking you…and I want to see if it’s your pussy or your clitty that wants to cum first…’ 

It’s a devious tease. 

‘And remember, you’re permitted pussy orgasms…but I’m not sure I’ll grant you a clitty orgasm…I’m still deciding.’

I’m watching my lithe sissy riding her plug, pink hair waving as her hips roll, biting her lip, unable to resist the waves of pleasure pulsing from her g-spot. 

‘Oh god…’

‘Not going to squirt are you, sissy?’

‘I’m not sure, Mistress.’

‘You don’t have permission.’

With a groan, she said, ‘No Mistress.’

‘Keep moving.’

I watch as she arches her back, breathing heavily, grasping for control. I’m so aroused. I wish I was there to use her. 

‘You’re leaking everywhere, sissy…I can see you dripping.’

This makes her whimper with humiliation, something that goes straight to my pussy. Right now, I’d like to be on top of her, fucking her in her wet, wanton state.

‘Is that plug going to make you cum, slut, or do you need something bigger in your pussy?’

‘I don’t know, Mistress.’

‘Well, I want to see something penetrating you. Go and get your njoy wand.’

Throbbing with arousal, she finds the big silver toy.

‘May I put a towel down, Mistress?’

‘You may.’

‘Can you still see me, Mistress?’

She’s lying on her bed now, legs parted, clitty still half hard. She’s an open invitation.

‘I can. And I want to see that toy fucking you.’

She slowly pushes the metal wand deep into her pussy with a shuddering sexual sigh. And as it slides in, her clitty instantly gets achingly hard. I feel a twisted thrill.

‘Your clitty is telling tales on you, sissy.’

Another whimper of shame.

‘So, let’s see what this toy can do to you. Let’s see if it can make your pussy cum…and if it can, I’ll think about whether or not I might allow you to cum with your clitty.’

And I sit back to watch my sexy sissy desperately fucking herself; perving over the movements of her hand, the intimacy of her moans, the tremble of her thighs, the tension in her body, all the sexual signs of how aroused she is. Then suddenly, she’s clutching the sheets and writhing, ‘Oh my god, my pussy is cumming, Mistress.’ I could see it, the clenches just like a female orgasm, causing the wand to move. But nothing from her clitty. Oh so hot. 

And not even needing my order she carried on thrusting the njoy. Because that’s the other secret about g-spot orgasms…a sissy can be a multi-orgasmic creature. And amanda’s soon cumming again with her pussy, that same sheet-ripping internal climax. And before it’s even ebbing, I say, ‘If you can make your clitty cum with just your njoy, you have permission to cum…but it has to be a ruin…no hands…I want to see that.’

I thought it might take 10 seconds, but sometimes amanda’s hair-trigger clitty falters…and denies her, just as I give permission. And that’s what happened. As the seconds ticked up, I laughed. ‘Your clitty won’t let you cum, will it…perfect. Your clitty is denying you.’

More groans.

‘Take off your panties, slut. Brush them over your clitty.’

She obeys, with a groan of pleasure.

‘Is that helping?’

‘Yes… yes.’

‘And stop brushing.’

She obeys, her clitty visibly straining.

‘You’re so hard, sissy. I think I could just blow on your clitty right now and make you cum…, you’re so close, aren’t you…I could undo you with one little…blow.’

And suddenly I know I’ve broken her. 

‘Oh my god…oh my god …I’m going to cum, Mistress.’

With her clitty this time, squirting helpless, untouched streams; a total ruin. 

I revel in it. It feels like power. Erotic and addictive.

And the first words out of her mouth as the spasms ebbed?

‘Thank you, Mistress.’

Just perfect.

‘Was there any pleasure from that ruin?’

‘No, Mistress.’

‘You know what comes next don’t you, sissy?

‘What’s that, Mistress?’

‘You have to get up and curtsey for me.’

‘Do I clean myself up first?’

‘You can either eat all that cum, or wipe it with your panties and wear those sticky panties for the rest of the day.’

She chose the panty option. I smirked as I watched her mop up.

Then she clambered off the bed, ‘Can I take the wand out in the bathroom, please?’

‘You may.’ One blush spared perhaps.

Quickly, she was back and awkwardly put on her soaked panties.

‘Do they feel wet, slut?’ 

‘Yes Mistress.’

‘Now, I want a nice, deep curtsey.’

She obeyed, with wobbly legs and a big smile.

‘Thank you, Mistress.’

I smiled back.

‘Good girl. Until later.’

And I signed off. 

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